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Battle Cattle Card Game Heading to Market

Monday, June 18th, 2001

Aldo at Wingnut Games tells us that Battle Cattle: The Card Game is on its way to the printers, and should be reaching stores in September from Steve Jackson Games. For now, you can check out the boxshot and begin selecting opponents to gore. Heck, just challenge anyone that gets in your whey. (ahem)

June’s Focus on Freeport

Monday, June 18th, 2001

This month’s update to all things Freeport has surfaced over at Green Ronin. It includes a new beast, the plague wraith, as well as a related adventure hook, new disease, and a new spell. All this, and Legions of Hell is being printed this week? (**holds hands together with fingertips touching**) Ex-cellent.

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #79

Monday, June 18th, 2001

If this week’s topic, Using Limericks To Spice Things Up, makes you hesitate like I did, you owe it to yourself to go take a look. Just don’t end any lines with “City of Brass,” or you could be going down that slippery slope to words that rhyme with Nantucket.

A Glimpse of Nightmares & Dreams
Mystic Eye has posted two preview images from their Nightmares & Dreams creature compilation to stave off hungry gamers while the book is printing. Check out the ugly mugs on the Drejori and the Lumenage here.

Roboctopus Attacks Increase Nationwide

Sunday, June 17th, 2001

This month, Invisible City Productions has brought something completely different to light: rules for a free swimming pool game called Roboctopus! The game is essentially a Marco Polo variant, but it’s a Marco Polo variant involving a bloodthirsty, sonar-equipped, mechanical mollusk, so I say “go for it!” It’s not as mentally stimulating as your average RPG session, but it lets you hit people with a long piece of styrofoam. What more do you need?

Shriek: 2nd Edition to Ship July 1st

Saturday, June 16th, 2001

After weeks of building excitement (not to mention assembling a soundtrack), Deep7 has completed its Shriek: 2nd Edition CD-ROM. This disc contains an expanded version of the previously-online-only 1PG along with a musical soundtrack that would be appropriate for the slasher movies that inspired the game. The CD-ROM, which costs $6.95, will be released on July 1st and is currently available for pre-order. More expanded 1PGs will follow.

Ed of the Greenwood Speaks on the Realms

Thursday, June 14th, 2001

With the Third Edition Forgotten Realms in stores just over a week, Wizards presents us with a look back at previous incarnations of the Realms from Elminster himself, Ed Greenwood. It’s an interesting read, and gives a glimpse into what’s involved in presenting a massive campaign setting to the D&D public. There’s also a bonus web enhancement to download that details several deities which didn’t fit into the already-massive rulebook.

Game Horizons Extend Into D20

Thursday, June 14th, 2001

New D20 company Game Horizons has made plans to create a series of “Master Adventures” that are fully compatible with the Master Maze miniature sets from Dwarven Forge. If you’re not familiar with Dwarven Forge’s work, check out the gallery from the D&D 3 playtest I ran when I was at Those prepainted dungeon sections and medieval furnishings? That’s the stuff.

Deadlands Poised to Stampede, D20 Style

Wednesday, June 13th, 2001

The word from Pinnacle is that Deadlands D20 is at the printers (the final “Making of” article shows off the book’s cover art). While we wait anxiously for the ink to dry, the promo poster for Weird Wars has taken over the PEG site’s splash page. Anyone who orders $20 or more from PEG’s store gets a copy of the wicked nazi werewolf. In the meantime, it looks like Deadlands: Lost Colony has been pushed back again to a March 2002 release, pending a massive storyline event in Hell on Earth that sets things up. Let me guess — something really bad happens, right?

Cheapass News Feed

Wednesday, June 13th, 2001

They never rest over at . Joyce Godecke has joined the Cheapass crew as their new Marketing Director. Joyce comes to the company by way of, and as such, has taken a step up in the world. The latest BRAWL expansion, , is available, as well as a limited edition deck based on a character from Z-Man Games’ Shadowfist. The character, , will “gauge interest in a full-fledged Shadowfist: BRAWL expansion.” Lastly, the announcement of U.S. Patent Number One (coming in August) went something like this:

Congratulations, you’ve invented a time machine. But you’re not the first person to think of it, and you won’t be the last. What really matters is who gets to the Patent Office first. And with a time machine, “first” means “first”!

If I Can’t Be A Beholder With A Flying Pirate Ship, I Ain’t Playin’

Tuesday, June 12th, 2001

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the imminent launch of Dragonstar, a new space-fantasy RPG setting for use with the d20 System. […] Dragonstar is a universe of magic and machine, science and sorcery, a universe where dragons rule a galactic empire and humans, elves, dwarves, and the other major races struggle with an ancient and terrible legacy.” Okay, everyone, listen up: FFG got the dungeons-and-lasers magic ticket, a’ight? Anyone else who attempts a d20 game or campaign setting that blends fantasy and sci-fi gets mercilessly mocked. We’re going to be hardliners about this. No exceptions. 😉

Actually, this looks like it’ll be decent; lead writer Matt Forbeck did good work on Brave New World, which had a premise similarly rife with cliche-hazard. Looks like some of the Blue Planet guys will be working on it as well, which stands to reason. Something to look forward to for October 15th, the release date for the first two hardcovers.

Free Monte Cook Adventure at Wizards

Tuesday, June 12th, 2001

An adventure by Monte Cook, author of D&D 3’s Dungeon Master’s Guide, is available for free download over at Wizards of the Coast. The short quest, called A Frigid Demise, involves a white dragon with a few tricks up her… uh, scales. The adventure is for four 13th level characters.

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #78
This week’s issue gives suggestions for those awkward times when the GM has to conduct both sides of a conversation, sometimes to the extreme amusement of the players. For those who need help cultivating their schizophrenia, go take a look.

I’m sorry, but this is

Tuesday, June 12th, 2001

I’m sorry, but this is rad.

Rio Grande to Sell Hats and Rings

Tuesday, June 12th, 2001

It’s been almost two months since Rio Grande Games posted their last newsletter, but they’ve finally made some new announcements. This week should see the release of Barbarossa and Traders of Genoa. Releases announced for later this summer include The Lord of the Rings: The Search, a Tolkien-inspired game for two players not to be confused with Reiner Knizia’s similar but larger-scale design, and Where’s Bob’s Hat?, a trick-taking game created by popular game designer Alan Moon. For more details, check out Rio Grande’s newsletter page.

Taking Games to the 9th Degree

Monday, June 11th, 2001

9th Level Games has announced a pair of impending releases. The second solo adventure for Kobolds Ate My Baby, titled Necro-Groundhog of The Awfully Dark Graveyard of Excruciating Arcane Death, will ship this month. Apparently, King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) has a demon stuck in his teeth, and he demands your help. Also shipping this month is the Ninja Burger RPG, “where fast food is delivered in 30 minutes, or we commit seppuku.” Oh-kay. I can hear it now: “That had better be catsup on my burger, Fujisan…”

Good News and Bad News from Galloglass Games

Sunday, June 10th, 2001

Galloglass Games has just made two announcements: one good, one bad. The good news is that Mesomorph Games is now ready to sell Piecepacks. The kits cost $17.50 plus shipping, which isn’t a bad price when you consider how flexible they are. The bad news (which could certainly have been worse) is that Tir Na Min, Galloglass’ next planned release, has been delayed due to imperfections found during playtesting. It is hoped to be ready by Christmas.