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Mongoose Monsoon In June

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002

The Mongoose Publishing machine is chugging along at full speed, so D20 players beware. The company’s website has details on the four new releases planned for next month:

We’ll have to see how Gygax’s take on dragons compares to (or compliments) AEG‘s Dragons. Though I enjoyed parts of that book, I was left wanting quite a bit more. Perhaps the father of D&D will deliver what I’ve been waiting for.

Buffy RPG Countdown Continues
As some sort of big, scary episode of the TV series airs this week, Eden Studios has given us another teaser for the upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. This time we get a look at Tara’s character sheet. Add that to the sheet already available for Willow, and can a full-fledged brawl be too far behind? [Umm… a tussle between the sheets maybe… – Mike who is ashamed to say he watches the show]

2000 AD RPG Site Up

Tuesday, May 21st, 2002

Mongoose Publishing is finally giving us a look at the Judge Dredd RPG on the game’s new official website. Cruise around the site to see a few technical specs, the planned release schedule for both Judge Dredd and the Slaine RPG, and an 8-page PDF preview of the Judge Dredd rulebook. The preview doesn’t go too deep into the game’s crunchy bits, but it sets the mood and leaves you wanting more.

More Monsternomicon & Warmachine On Display

Monday, May 20th, 2002

The Warmachine website has added a few more images of figures and concept art from the upcoming miniatures game. While no release date has been announced yet, Privateer Press has said it’s “quite likely” the rulebook will be included in both CD-ROM and book forms. For an idea of the production quality and artwork involved, the company suggests checking out the Monsternomicon preview, which also has some new artwork on display. Privateer also announced the arrival of Joe Martin as the new Editor in Chief, with promises of more staff announcements in the future.

Neverwinter Nights Module Builder Beta Available

Sunday, May 19th, 2002

Want to see how good NWN will be at letting you create whatever you want? Go suck down the 241MB beta version of the Toolset. Here’s an introductory user guide. I’m not gonna be sucking down a 241MB anything anytime soon, so can someone report back on whether this is available for non-Windows platforms yet?

Oh, Hey, You Can Vote On The Origins Awards Now

Thursday, May 16th, 2002

At least I don’t think we’ve reported on this already. Go to town. We hope to have a short feature up with our Origins picks, slams, and generally entertaining bull-puckey in the next couple of weeks.

2002 Spiel des Jahres Nominees Announced

Thursday, May 16th, 2002

The prestigious annual German game award has announced its preliminary nominees. From these games, a short list of three will be picked next month, then a final. The Children’s Game award, born last year, is now getting its own full jury process as well. DVONN is the second game in the GIPF series to be nominated (as Demian reported), and Puerto Rico has been hugely popular here in the store (TransAmerica a little less so).

Attack Of The Clon– I Mean Clown— I Mean Dragons

Thursday, May 16th, 2002

FFG has finally, formally announced the release date for the Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy as May 28. This companion book to the Starfarer’s Handbookwill actually contain the background of the Dragon Empire, thereby making it clear to people at long last why they should buy the Starfarer’s Handbook. (Which they should. I think.)

Invisible City Builds Big Ancient Structure with Dominoes

Wednesday, May 15th, 2002

The May game of the month from Invisible City is here. Ziggurat is a pleasant reminder (for two or four players) that dominoes are good for more than just knocking over in sequence — they’re also good for piling up strategically in an effort to score the most points. If you have a collection of spotted tiles that you just haven’t been able to use for anything interesting, now is your chance to enjoy them!

Orientation At Necromantic U.

Monday, May 13th, 2002

Green Ronin has posted a preview of Secret College of Necromancy, the company’s latest D20 supplement and the second in its Arcana series. Game industry veterans David “Zeb” Cook (he did the original Oriental Adventures, remember?) and Wolfgang Baur (former Dragon Magazine editor), Secret College covers all the best dead topics with the following:

  • New core classes: the necromancer and the death knight.
  • 72 new necromancy spells, amd two new types of spells: mortal curses and dark pacts.
  • New feats and magic items, including 8 infamous tomes.
  • Several new monsters, like the death angel.
  • The Secret College, “a complete, city-based necromantic organization” complete with stats for key members.

The full book will be available at the end of the month, in case the festering four pages of undead preview doesn’t hold you.

Smart People Like Rio Grande Games

Monday, May 13th, 2002

The latest newsletter from Rio Grande Games has some interesting announcements. For one thing, Dvonn, part of the Gipf series of interlocking abstract strategy games, has won a Mensa Select Award, making it the second Gipf entry to receive this distinction. Also interesting in a less braggy sort of way are some forthcoming releases, which include Transamerica and some other forthcoming German titles plus a new version of Ricochet Robot which stands alone but can also be used in combination with the first edition.

Missing Monsters Returned To Life By Necromancer

Thursday, May 9th, 2002

After some minor negotiations with WotC, Necromancer Games will publish the D20 supplement Tome of Horrors, a “Compendium of New Monsters and Creatures Converted from First Edition to Third Edition.” The hardcover tome, headed by Creature Collection veteran Scott Greene, will be 300+ pages and will contain the following head count:

  • 292 monsters converted from First Edition
  • 106 brand new monsters
  • 27 monsters collected from various Necromancer Games products

Converted creatures will originate from sources like the original Monster Manual, Monster Manual 2 and the Fiend Folio, plus some from “a number of classic modules.” Each beast will have a layout similar to Creature Collection, and each will be Open Game Content. Necromancer has also worked with WotC to insure there won’t be overlap between the Tome of Horrors and upcoming Wotc monster supplements (like Third Edition’s Monster Manual 2. Watch for memories of grusome deaths to be stirred up again this Fall when the book is expected to release.

Demon God’s Fane Review Posted

Thursday, May 9th, 2002

Joe’s given us a look at the high-level Malhavoc Press adventure Demon God’s Fane. Find out if the adventure’s right for your 14th level campaign. Wait… you’ve got a 14th level campaign? Geez. Mine’s at a nice, respectable (and still killable) 7th level. Best of luck with your demigods.

This Is Hell… This Is Hell On Earth… This Is Hell On Earth On D20

Thursday, May 9th, 2002

Pinnacle has decided to publish Hell on Earth D20 to bring more gamers into the Wasted West. Fred Jandt, former head of West End Games, has written the new version, which includes “Legend Chips, powers for Templars, Doomsayers, Junkers, rules for fully-automatic weapons” and more. For an early taste of the new rules, PEG has a PDF of the Doomsayer class as an example of the adventures to come.

Godlike Review Posted

Tuesday, May 7th, 2002

Today, Nathan provides not only an informative review of Godlike, but the story of a gamer (himself) and how he came to know and love a new game system. Have a look at the superhero game that even non-supers gamers are falling for.

Zombies!!! Actually Back, Actually

Tuesday, May 7th, 2002

The last time they smacked us up with a press release, the folks at Twilight Creations were not totally forthright about the fact that they really were going to have Zombies!!! back in print, under the same name that is, with expansions and such. All they had clear info on was this When Darkness Comes business that sounds nearly identical except for calling itself an RPG. Well, now the Zombies!!! core set is in stock and shipping. Yay plastic!