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  1. Wait a sec… “Pink-Robed Enchanter with Teurette’s Syndrome Who Only Uses His Left Hand”… Weren’t they hyping that as one of the new career paths to be found in the Book of Erotic Fantasy? 😉

  2. the way we play, i think all the characters have teurette’s…..

    symptoms usually manifest after the gm pulls out a handful of monsters for us to bump into….

  3. Charley: Is it the monsters or the miniatures your group’s reacting to? Saw some of the “Harbinger” line WotC was pushing at GAMA and Gen Con. *shakes head* Some might actually have been sculpted really well, but they had so many layers o’ paint on ’em, you couldn’t tell the halfling rogue from the dire troll. Just terrible… =(

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