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GTS Day 3 press mock- uh, I mean wrapup

Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

I only link to to point out that I was right. Also, I didn’t mention it before but I had vague wishes/suspicions that the name Chop Shop might be some kind of obscure shoutout to RoboRally, and now that I’ve heard it involves robots, well dammit, ¡viva la Twonky!

We will be hitting you with plenty of Pirates of the Spanish Main info when we finalize our Mike Selinker interview, probably tomorrow, as well as in our full report on this morning’s WizKids foofaraw. You know, as long as we’re in the vague suspicions department, back when we playtested MK2 and saw the weird little plasticard things, I think we might have wondered to ourselves if they’d ever do a whole game with the cardstuff, kind of like those Z-Cards things. That’s a big 10-4 there, matey. Anyway, stay tuned to this channel for some deeper excitement about PotSM.

Situation normal

Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

We had a bad roll on the Technical Difficulties Table today – naturally, the very best time this could have happened – and it took a while to get straightened out. If you find anything irregular, let us know.

Live from GTS 2004: Sucking Vacuum doesn’t

Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

Alien Menace is back in the swing of things with a revised version of Sucking Vacuum, which the company announced last week. The new boxed version is a gorgeous full-color product, with 18 tiles that are played to make the doomed International Space Station each player must escape from. Sci-fi fans will be thrilled by the upgraded version, as nearly every tile hides so many “Easter eggs” from popular TV shows and movies, gamers will spend the first hour examining the game boards and laughing at all the goodies they find. The Alien Incursion variant rules included in the box seem like they’ll turn an already solid, frantic, and entertaining game into a mad scramble for survival, and that’s for a game that was already about avoiding death by suffocation. With a compact, high-quality box, full-color components (and nifty plastic missiles to track oxygen with), and a price of $19.99, the new Sucking Vacuum is a sure winner. If this game doesn’t end up on Origins’ short list for Best Graphic Design of a Board Game, I’ll be extremely surprised.

Live at GTS 2004: Situation Normal at Human Head

Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Left out of the Green Ronin presentation this morning was Human Head‘s next roleplaying project, Normal, Texas. Scheduled for the end of 2004, the game will be about an everyday little town with ooze monsters, giant spiders, aliens, miniaturized humans, and other freakish goodies. According to Matt Forbeck, head of Head’s Adventure Games Division, current plans are for six Normalproducts in total, providing a jumping off point for players to take it from there.

GTS Day 2 press wrapup

Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

would be intriguing if it weren’t for the fact that every catalog-like thing that I’ve ever seen Wizards release has contained something that was either misnamed or actually cancelled some time after said catalog went to press. As it is, it’s just funny. Maybe Chop Shop is the boys’ equivalent to Star Sisterz, and you get cards that challenge you to jack cars so you can win collectible crowbars and mallets.

In other news, there are Star Wars miniatures, and the D&D Basic box set is . (I would link to some other news sites as well but the only people who seem to be covering the show are GR and us. The big D&D dinner is being pushed down gullets as we speak, and Allan will have a full report on that. Probably not so much about the food, really.)

Live at GTS 2004: Green Ronin, SJ Games, others announce lots o’ stuff

Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Staggering out bleary-eyed for the retailer breakfast presentation, I walked toward the banquet hall through the Orleans casino and was suddenly joined by a well-dressed, middle-aged man who seemed to appear out of nowhere. He immediately caught me off guard by calmly, matter-of-factly stating “Yeah, the works of Satan are all around us, my brother.”


Cardboard heroes, eh? How about cardboard <i>everything?</i>

Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

No disrespect to the fine SJG line of folded paper, but, as in so many other genres, the Japanese have us sort of outclassed. This blog Boing Boing has been nuts for the folded paper over the last couple of days, including these Star Wars models that might be of use to players of the previewing-just-about-now Star Wars minis game, this 1:1 scale replica of the guns from Aliens (attention LARPers!), and that claims to turn 3D files in Maya, Lightwave or DirectX format (and others) into print-cut-and-fold models.

Live from GTS 2004: WotC wins crowd with GI Joe

Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

I just staggered back from Peter Adkison’s party (thanks, Peter!), and find Mike has one-upped me. Curses! I’ll get you, evil brother of mine. Anyway…

To kick off the banquet presentations here at the GAMA Trade Show, Wizards of the Coast gave a recap of a successful 2003, and previewed the year in progress, as one would expect from the industry leader. Wizards CEO Chuck Huebner welcomed the massive hall of retailers and distributors, then thanked retailers at length for all they’ve done to sell WotC products.

GTS Day 1 press wrap-up

Monday, March 15th, 2004

Looks like Duel Masters will be giving MtG’s Darksteel some competition in the new Origins Awards category, “Stupidest Name for a CCG Expansion.” Elsewhere in the WotC press dinner for non-D&D properties, a release date is announced for the GI JOE TCG (should be ready for Gen Con), and you sort of get to see the . Thanks to GR’s squad for taking all those possibly-illegal photos. We’d have taken some ourselves, but you people are too cheap to buy us nice things like digital cameras via that PayPal link. Ha!

Also, it appears that the is that there isn’t any. News, I mean; they’re still having the show. In fact, they say they are going “narrow but deep” (ewwww) and refocusing on gaming, and if that means that woman isn’t going to sing, then I say pop the champagne!

Fighting Fantasy on warpath at Myriador

Friday, March 12th, 2004

Myriador Ltd. has announced their product schedule for most of this year. Of particular interest is the Fighting Fantasy Role Play Game due in June 2004. The game will use the d20 System, just as the other Fighting Fantasy derived Myriador releases, but remain a “fully contained game.” The company’s forums also mention plans for world guides, though none are officially scheduled yet.

Avalon Hill plans new game that doesn’t have an old game’s name

Friday, March 12th, 2004

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a tile-based casual game with a haunted-house theme, set for release within the blast radius of Halloween. It’s a little unclear from the press release whether this is a reprint or not, but I don’t think it is. You’re welcome to correct me in the comments (like I can stop you – wait, I can!). I like the sound of the secret-defector mechanic; one member of the party is trying to nail the others, which could be nicely Werewolf-y. Also juuust a bit reminiscent of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game that Hasbro did a few years ago – great game, and could be adapted nicely to a tiled board. Hmmmm… I’m scheming, this is my scheming face… eh, whatever. Details when you hit Read More.

Beer Money images on tap

Friday, March 12th, 2004

Atlas Games just now (like, half an hour ago) posted some sample card art from the upcoming Lunch Money sequel, Beer Money. Some of my buddies from the days back at will be thrilled. In fact, the only way they’d be more thrilled is if Beer Money were also a Counterstrike mission.

Omlevex, the multi-talented supers supplement

Wednesday, March 10th, 2004

Spectrum Games and Z-Man Games have set loose a new take on the superhero RPG supplement. Omlevex poses as the official sourebook of Omlevex Comics Group, a fictional comic group. With stats for Silver Age Sentinels, M&M Superlink, and the Hero System, it seems like all the bases are covered.

OgreCave review: Big Top

Tuesday, March 9th, 2004

Matthew gives us his take on a new card game today: Big Top by APE Games. Did this circus-themed revision of a classic card game perform well under Matthew’s watchful gaze? Find out in his review.

Z-Man shows us the funny

Monday, March 8th, 2004

Z-Man Games will soon be publishing the Tome of Levity, a 48 page book of unusual spells. No, not levitation, levity. As in, “funny but useful spells for most fantasy campaigns.” Like what? I’ll let the press release below clue you in.