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A tricorn of news items about Pirates

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

1) Vikings in February. I now have serious concerns about the number of factions in the game, but still: Vikings. 2) The announcement of the Quest for Davy Jones’ Gold board game completely went by me. This either means I am thick-headed or that their marketing plan for this product is not exactly Butt-Kicker Prime. It hits next month. 3) They extended that promotion where you can get the ten-masted junk Guichuan (pronounced gooey chewin’ if I have anything to say about it), and made it so you can use wrappers from any Pirates set. Nice if you like ten-masted junk, and any joke I could end on here seems kind of unnecessary.

Audio Report: and so begins the post-Gen Con hangover

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

We recorded this exactly 24 hours before everyone went nuts over BattleLore, so I’d say it stands as a reasonable document of the doldrums where no one is anticipating anything yet but we’re done being excited about con season. But we do talk about our best-of-Gen Con picks, what Gen Con can learn from smaller cons, a couple of Xmas-season products we’re looking forward to, and a ton of Currently Playing. Come on down!

Actual information alert: GAMA/Wargamer/OSU survey results

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Remember that survey thing? Yeah. Anyway, the Wargamer has published what they call the “1st Sortie” of the project’s outcome. Awesome, although anyone who makes big claims as to its representation of the real length and breadth of gaming has failed a couple of Logic rolls.

Happy Roll Like A Pirate Day

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006


Gamers online go freakin’ nuts for BattleLore

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

I found out about it on, for crying out loud – that’s how widespread the anticipation is for Memoir ’44 designer Richard Borg’s new fantasy take on his classic system (which is of course also available in two Command and Colors flavors). And it looks hot indeed. That post about how the banners play into the game’s customizability (no, not collectibility – relax!) is great stuff. Looks like I will have a big-box board-gamey toy to look forward to this Christmas after all.

WizKids shuffles product releases

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Though some circles still report the Battlestar Galactica CCG simply hasn’t taken off, WizKids is still planning Betrayal, the game’s first expansion set. A popular TV show tie-in, autographed cards (Crewman Cally cards, signed by actress Nicki Clyne), will be adding to the expansion’s lure. However, the 165-card set’s release date has shifted from October 11 to November 8 “due to unforeseen production issues.”

Meanwhile, WizKids says it has sold out of the initial print run of HorrorClix (see the full press release below) – just in time for Halloween. Actually, the company plans to have a reprint in hand by the end of September, which should be plenty of time, and distributors still have stock available. So this could be a sign of success, one that WizKids needs. We’ll have more to say about this in next week’s Audio Report, but for now, let’s just say this is an interesting time to be a retailer stocking WizKids products.