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Happy Birthday to Atlas Games

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Atlas Games is 20 years old this month, and founder John Nephew has put out the word that they’re celebrating. If you’re lucky, you may still have time to get a free birthday gift box of Atlas Games stuff – the first 250 folks to order it and pay for their own shipping will get a semi-random assortment of games or game related items from the company. Even if you miss out on the birthday goodies, stop by the website and wish the Atlas crew a happy 20th, with many more to come.

OgreCave reviews – Nile & Knock Down, Drag Out

Friday, August 27th, 2010

NileOur latest new reviews come from Demian, who has tried his hand at a pair of recent card games – several hands, actually. First he describes Minion Games’ Nile, an agriculturally themed game done in a classic style. Then Demian holds no punches in his review of the wild western brawl card game, Knock Down, Drag Out by Interaction Point Games. If you’re craving a dust-up, but aren’t looking forward to bruised knuckles and lost teeth, you’d do well to check this game out.

OgreCave review – Memoir ’44: Disaster at Dieppe

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Disaster at DieppeMonday morning, and we’re off to war – specifically, Daron’s review of the brand new Memoir ’44 expansion Disaster at Dieppe. This set provides new map options for the streamlined war/board game, new unit types, and a bunch of new scenarios. See what Daron thought of the latest set, or look through our review archive to see other Memoir ’44 reviews. One way or another, get your war on.

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Sunday 12PM 2010

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Looking forward to the inevitable late-night recap episode, but here are our notes for the supposed last TJI of the year, with guests Monte Cook, Robin Laws, and Eddy Webb.

And that’s Gen Con. Hope you had fun!

OgreCave reviews – Town, Points in Space v1, Memoir ’44 Terrain

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

TownAnother group of new reviews has just been added to OgreCave’s collection, with items of interest for roleplayers and board gamers alike. First, Demian takes a look at two RPG resource books: Town, and the revised version of Points in Space, Volume 1: Starport Locations, both from Cumberland Games. Then Daron continues his quest to cover the entire Memoir ’44 game line with a review of the Memoir ’44 Terrain Pack. Enjoy the trio of product write-ups – we’ll have more soon.

Paizo’s Jason Bulmahn offers bribe to Facebook fans

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

After sweeping the ENnies, you’d think Paizo’s Jason Bulmahn would be ready to relax and celebrate. Not entirely: he’s currently running a contest challenging Pathfinder fans to push his Facebook page up to having 1,000 people “like” it before the end of Gen Con on Sunday. If the goal is reached, all of his Facebook fans will 12,000 words of free Pathfinder material. Even if his page doesn’t reach the 1k mark, Bulmahn plans to offer up some material to those who helped the effort. As of this post, 853 people “like” his page – head on over, click the “like” button, and help the Pathfinder community.

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Sat 5 PM

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

As Day 3 of the “Best Four Days in Gaming” winds down, we’ve got your show notes for the Saturday 5 pm TJI show. Guests Adam Jury and E Foley (aka @geeksdreamgirl) join hosts Ryan and Kevin for the Saturday evening show.

  • @geeksdreamgirl ran multiple dating events at the show, while Adam and Eclipse Phase managed to snatch away a few silver and the gold for Best Writing at the Paizo Awards ENnies last night. (See the winner list here.)
  • The costume parade forces Ryan to make a hard choice. Everything from stormtroopers in kilts to walking tetris blocks was represented.
  • In case you forgot, Eclipse Phase is under the Creative Commons license. Rules remix, people!
  • More about geek dating events, including speed dating at Gen Con Indy. On the other hand, some guys just need to be slapped silly for honking what isn’t theirs.
  • The fit4gencon movement.
  • A little social pressure is applied to… um, us at Don’t worry, Ryan, we’re working on the podcast. Expect the OgreCave Audio Report 2.0 soon!
  • Hosts and guests all want an adult-sized LEGO bounce house.
  • DC Adventures: “freakin’ gorgeous”.
  • Praise for Twitter, and the gaming community therein.
  • Stupid Ranger and the Roleplaying Therapy for the Severely Disturbed event.
  • Ryan manages the most spectacular segue ever – with urine.
  • A parting shout-out to Campaign Coins.

One show left, midday Sunday – pardon me, “Day 4”. Check back tomorrow!

Super Genius to take over

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Hyrum Savage at Super Genius Games has been teasing for a day or two that an announcement was forthcoming, and now we know what he’s been up to: Super Genius Games will take over management of Started by Monte Cook, the subscription-based website has provided dungeon crawl encounters and rules articles every weekday since its inception in early 2009, with most of the site’s content generated by Cook himself. Starting September 1st, Super Genius Games will take over the daily site updates and management, and update the site to be compatible with Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder RPG. Seems like a solid plan – Monte’s leaving the Dragon’s Delve, the massive labyrinth, in good hands. (Full press release below.)

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Saturday 11AM 2010

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Continuing the TJI adventure:

2010 ENnie Awards winners announced

Friday, August 6th, 2010

The annual Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (otherwise known as the “ENnie” awards) took place earlier this evening at Gen Con, and the internet is buzzing with celebratory blog posts and tweets. Paizo Publishing dominated this year, with Pathfinder taking home gold for Best Game, Product of the Year, Best Production Values, and several others. Here’s the winner list (the full nominee list can be found here):

2010 ENnie Award results:

Best Cover Art
Silver: Eclipse Phase
Gold: Pathfinder Bestiary

Best Interior Art
Silver: Shadowrun 20th
Gold: Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Best Cartography
Silver: Aces & Eights: Judas Crossing
Gold: Pathfinder City Map Folio

Best Writing
Silver: Victoriana
Gold: Eclipse Phase

Best Production Values
Silver: Shadowrun
Gold: Pathfinder

Best Rules
Silver: Hero 6th Edition
Gold: Diaspora

Best Adventure
Silver: Trail of Cthulhu: Armitage Files
Gold: Pathfinder #31: Stolen Land

Best Monster or Adversary
Silver: Pathfinder: Classic Horrors Revisited
Gold: Pathfinder Bestiary

Best Setting
Silver: Rome: Life and Death of the Republic
Gold: Day After Ragnarok

Best Supplement
Silver: Players Handbook 3
Gold: Mysteries of the Hollow Earth

Best Aid or Accessory
Silver: Gaming Paper
Gold: Pathfinder GM Screen

Best Miniatures Product
Silver: Gaming Paper
Gold: D&D Minis

Best Regalia
Silver: Battletech
Gold: Cthulhu 101

Best Electronic Book
Silver: The Devil We Know
Gold: The Great City Player’s Guide

Best Free Product
Silver: Lady Blackbird
Gold: Advanced Players Guide Playtest

Best Website
Gold: Obsidian Portal

Best Podcast
Silver: All Games Considered
Gold: Atomic Array

Best Blog
Silver: Gnome Stew
Gold: Kobold Quarterly

Best Game
Silver: Shadowrun
Gold: Pathfinder

Product of the Year
Silver: Eclipse Phase
Gold: Pathfinder

Fan Award for Best Publisher
Silver: Fantasy Flight Games
Gold: Paizo Publishing

Judges’ Spotlight Awards
Chronica Feudalis
Ancient Odyssey: Treasure Awaits

A hearty congratulations to all of this year’s nominees and winners!

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Friday 5 PM 2010

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Catching up after the one-two punch of delayed-then-released shows – here’s show notes for the Friday 5 pm show. Guests Steve Kenson and Ken Hite sit in on the Friday evening show.

The crew ends the show thinking forward to the evening’s ENnie Awards ceremony, which has happened by now – click here to see the 2010 winners list.

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Friday 11 AM 2010

Friday, August 6th, 2010

It seems the technical difficulties have been resolved, and shows are flowing again, so now we have show notes for the Friday 11 am show. Guests Darren Watts and Jennifer Brozek lend a hand for the Friday morning show.

  • Ryan swears! Crap!
  • Fat Patrol and Felicia Day. No relation whatsoever.
  • Jennifer, Ed Greenwood, and others read a really bad book… out loud.
  • Ryan ran some Mythender. Darren recounts the tale of when Luchadore masks got him thrown out of a bar a few Gen Cons ago.
  • The Authors’ Alley has yet to provide @jenniferbrozek with a Twitter contest winner.
  • Darren’s splitting his time between Hero Games, the GPA, and IPR.
  • Geeky Pinups, and the Weregeek webcomic.
  • Ryan predicts the Dresden Files RPG will sell out at the show.
  • DC Adventures: Hero’s Handbook. Awesome layout guys are mentioned: Hal Mangold, Fred Hicks, and Adam Jury.
  • Wizards is doling out Dark Sun at the rate of 100 books/day.
  • Free Market again.
  • The Evil Hat PDF Guarantee: people like it.
  • Grants Pass didn’t make the show, which happened to Gameplaywright’s The Bones at Origins.

I’ll have the next batch of notes up in a bit.

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Thursday 5PM 2010

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Sorry, I was in the bathroom. Here we go!

Can I just say how great it is to not hear Ryan Macklin again after so long? Nah, I’m just kidding. See you tomorrow!

Boardgamegeek wins 2010 Diana Jones Award

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

BGGWe’ve already mentioned it briefly in this morning’s TJI From Gen Con! show notes post, but in case you missed it, Boardgamegeek has won this year’s Diana Jones Award. The mostly-anonymous award committee selected the tabletop gaming website over three other game nominees shortlisted this year, FFG’s Chaos in the Old World, and the RPGs Kagematsu by Cream Alien Games, and Montsegur 1244 by Thoughtful Games. See the press release for more details.


This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Thursday 11AM, 2010

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

I love contexts where you can just say “It’s Thursday, 11AM, 2010,” and everyone knows when you mean. So yeah, it’s on once again: This Just In From Gen Con is in live-from-the-show mode, and we’re doing notes. If you’re new here, shame on you! welcome! Here goes:

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