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OgreCave reviews – Zombiegeddon, Killer Thriller

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

ZombiegeddonThings have been busy lately, but the Cave dwellers haven’t forgotten what season this is. Therefore, it’s about time we review some fear-related games with this year’s Screams from the Cave. To start, Dennis gives us his take on Zombiegeddon from Twilight Creations. Designed by Reiner Knizia, this board game forces players to stock up supplies for the apocalypse, then fight for more once Z Day arrives. Since we want the scream-inducing games to reach blood-curdling volume, we’re also hitting you with Demian’s review of Killer Thriller, a brand-new roleplaying game from Timeout Diversions. This small PDF RPG embraces the Paranoia style of character mortality, so expect bloodshed – big time. Have a read through both reviews, and see if either one has you seeing blood red.

OgreCave review – Fictionaire

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Fictionaire displayAlways keeping busy, today Lee has provided us with a review of Fictionaire by Days of Wonder. This trivia/party game has similarities to Balderdash, yet with a few entertaining twists that establish the game’s unique feel. If you’re looking for a new party game for your next gathering, or just enjoy challenging your friends in trivia games, Fictionaire might be your sort of game.

Apocalypse World and The Checklist Manifesto

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

For those who haven’t heard about it, Apocalypse World is a new game by Vincent Baker, creator of Dogs in the Vineyard. It’s about an unspecified apocalypse, the crazy psychic maelstrom and paranormal smear it left over everything, and PCs that look like a sexified cross between the casts of Mad Max and Firefly. It’s got a unique aesthetic in a genre with broad appeal, and it’s already got the indie cognoscenti talking about using it for just about everything (except, weirdly enough, Star Wars – I’m sure that oversight is momentary).

AW is actually much more straight-ahead and traditional than some might expect a game with Baker’s name on it to be. That’s not to say that it doesn’t bring any innovation – while very simple, the dice mechanics in AW effectively prevent any implausible results and completely eliminate any uncertainty over when dice should be interacted with. That is all pretty exciting to people with a broad array of play interests, and while some folks have started bitching about how “make it an AW hack” is the most often heard suggestion on these days, that isn’t the real controversy.

OgreCave review – Z-Man Games week: Martinique

Friday, October 15th, 2010

MartiniqueWe’re wrapping up OgreCave’s week-long look at Z-Man Games with my review of Martinique. This pirate-themed treasure hunt has multiple tasks to keep two captains and their crews busy – claiming map clues, gathering valuable souvenirs, and especially outmaneuvering the opposing pirates. Heck, it’s even an important decision to choose when to quit searching and get a drink at the bar! If you’re ready to dig for the Lost Treasure, or like the idea of Clue taken down a different evolutionary path, read more about Martinique.

OgreCave reviews – Z-Man Games week: Road Kill Rally

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Heroes of GraxiaAs we near the end of our Z-Man Games week, Andy gives us his review of Road Kill Rally. This Mad Max-like race to the finish line is a bloody, frantic, unpredictable good time. Andy has thoroughly kicked the tires and checked under the hood, so be sure to read his review, and get up to speed on Road Kill Rally.

OgreCave review – Z-Man Games week: The Speicherstadt

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

The SpeicherstadtOur week-long look at Z-Man Games releases continues today with Demian’s review of The Speicherstadt. This Eurogame asks players to manage resources and win auctions for special cards, which can grant special abilities later in the game. In this manner, the game brings in a touch of the evolving strategy effect popular in card-drafting games like Dominion or Thunderstone. Have a read, and see if The Speicherstadt is up your alley.

OgreCave review – Z-Man Games week: Burrows

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

BurrowsTo continue OgreCave’s look at recent Z-Man Games releases, Demian gives us his review of Burrows. This tile-laying game requires players to attract different colors of gophers, which attract the attention of photo-snapping tourists and earn points. Since there aren’t enough critters of each color to go around, each player tries to lure gophers away from his opponents by building a more enticing burrow. Who will have the best selection of photogenic gophers when the tour buses show up? In case you’re curious, Demian’s review digs into Burrows more fully.

OgreCave reviews – Z-Man Games week: Magical Athlete

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Heroes of GraxiaThis week, OgreCave’s aiming the spotlight (torch light? lantern?) at Z-Man Games, starting with Andy’s review of Magical Athlete. In this multi-round race game, players bid on racers, then run their selected athlete through a few highly competitive races around the track. Naturally, special abilities and magical effects will run rampant, and anyone could come from behind to win. Is this the next racing game you need to pick up? Read Andy’s review and find out if you should run out and get Magical Athlete.

OgreCave review – Heroes of Graxia

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Heroes of GraxiaLee knows a good card game when he plays it, but is Petroglyph’s Heroes of Graxia counted among them? This Magic: The Gathering meets Dominion game opens new territory for card gamers on the lookout for new systems. Lee enjoyed giving it a test run, so be sure to read his review and see if Heroes of Graxia sounds right for you.

The IT Crowd – the board game add-on

Monday, October 4th, 2010

The IT Crowd: Special EditionFans of The Office – either the BBC original or the NBC show – are probably already aware of The IT Crowd, thematically similar and more appealing to Big Bang Theory fans and Generation Nerd. Well, we’ve just heard about a bonus feature included with the 4-DVD Series 1-4 Special Edition Box Set: a fantasy board game based on The IT Crowd (scroll down on Amazon listing for images). The game board is double-sided (one side office, one side fantasy version), and includes characters from the show, their fantasy world versions, and a cut-and-fold d20. The Cave dwellers approve, and will begin compiling a list of other shows that should follow suit.