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OgreCave review – Alien Frontiers

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Alien FrontiersMerwin has returned to give us his thoughts on a game that, due to printing issues, has been difficult to lay hands on. In Clever Mojo’s Alien Frontiers, players use their ships (represented by dice) to build up colonies on a distant planet. If you can build more colonies than your opponents, through use of tech cards, proper dice allocation, and lucky rolls, you’ll be the winner. If games that make you adapt your strategy to the whim of the dice appeal to you, have a look.

Smugglers Unite! Days of Wonder Announces Cargo Noir Game

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Days of Wonder has announced Cargo Noir, a new big box board game created by Serge Laget. Cargo Noir is a game where players play the role of smugglers in a 1950’s film noir universe. Contraband is stolen, amassed, and later traded for a profit. The game will seat from two to five players. Designer Serge Laget focused on “finding a theme that would be evocative with a feel that is very different from most other auction or trading games – a Sheep for two Woods it ain’t!” Laget is a “go to” designer at Days of Wonder; he has co-designed a number of past Days of Wonder releases such as Mystery of the Abbey, Mystery Express, and Shadows Over Camelot. Days of Wonder has produced a series of videos to promote Cargo Noir.

WotC to Discontinue Another Miniatures Line

Monday, January 17th, 2011

First came the news in November of the discontinuation of the Heroscape line of products. Now, Wizards of the Coast has announced that apart from occasional collector’s sets, they will no longer be regularly producing pre-painted D&D miniatures. Previously sculpted miniatures will continue to see new life in other Wizards of the Coast products like the Wrath of Ashardalon board game. However, those uses of minis aren’t typically pre-painted.

Arkham Horror and all its expansions for $13! In, um, travel size!

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Well, okay: only if you have an iPhone. (And I bet it’s great on the iPad even in fat-bits mode.) It looks to be essentially possible to play the whole game with this “toolkit” if you wish: all the decks are in there, and while the screenshots don’t specifically show whether it tracks the position of multiple investigators on the map, all the maps are in there. It looks well done and professional, enough to make you wonder how much more it’d really need to be billed as a full-on digital version of the game. Has anyone played with it? Let us know.

Aliens and Kaiju Attack Train Lines Worldwide

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Days of Wonder has announced that in February 2011, Alvin and Dexter will be attacking Ticket to Ride boards across the globe. Alvin is an angry alien in a space ship. Dexter is a giant reptilian monster. These two rampage across the board, cutting off players’ access to key destinations during the game, and reducing points for destination tickets to those cities at the end of the game. They are moved by players discarding locomotive cards in a never-ending battle to stick some other poor sucker with the giant monster and the alien menace. This expansion will work with all Ticket to Ride board games, and will have a suggested retail price of $13.00.