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OgreCave review: Nightfall

Friday, April 29th, 2011

NightfallAs a student of deck building games, Lee felt it was his sworn duty to examine Nightfall by AEG. Though the card game’s dark world of vampires and werewolves has plenty to explore, Lee’s review focuses mainly on the basic question of “How well does the game work?” Draft yourself a seat, buddy – you’ll want to read more about this action-packed, confrontational deck building game system.

2011 Origins Award nominees announced

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

It’s that time again: this year’s Origins Award nominees have been announced. The shortlists in categories that range from Best RPG and Best Board Game to Best Miniatures Rules are posted, and feature many of the past year’s most popular game releases. The winners will be decided by attendees at this year’s Origins Game Fair (June 22-26), but until then we can look over the lists (below) and make our own selections.

OgreCave reviews – Cargo Noir, Factory Fun

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Cargo NoirAnother pair of reviews is in to wrap up the week and keep us spending our gaming dollars wisely – in fact, making money is the goal in both titles. First Lee gives us his review of Cargo Noir from Days of Wonder. As you sail from one exotic port to the next, do you have the savvy to make the most money on the black market? Meanwhile, Andy has examined Factory Fun from Z-Man Games. If you can set up your machinery correctly, your production line will earn you big bucks in this game. These and many more reviews await in the OgreCave review index, so get to reading.

OgreCave review – Thunderstone: Dragonspire

Monday, April 4th, 2011

DragonspireLee has been exploring the deck building game Thunderstone in all it’s versions in order to keep us properly informed. Today he continues to keep us up to date on the latest expansion with his review of Thunderstone: Dragonspire from AEG. This set adds Setting cards to the mix, directly affecting gameplay for every player. But more importantly, how does the new set affect your strategies, and do you need to pick up a copy? Read on to learn more, or cruise through previous entries in our growing OgreCave review index.

Sightings of April Foolishness

Friday, April 1st, 2011

A few companies made up stuff today to amuse us, and in some cases, we hope it will become true. In case you avoided this day of World Wide Wackiness, here’s a few tidbits we’ve spotted:

  • Wizards of the Coast (or “Weems of the Coast”, in this case) put up details on D&D 5, entitled Dungeons & Warcraft. I quote the Emperor: “Your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!” There’s a page for the D&D 5 setting of Candy Land as well.
  • Paizo introduced the “mandatory” new Pathfinder PC race, Goblins. The upcoming Players Companion book Goblins of Purity promised “Two dozen goblin archetypes, including the Dog Hunter ranger, the Friendly Picklechucker rogue, and the Peaceful Beachcomber paladin.”
  • Steve Jackson Games announced plans for Blank Munchkin, the do-it-yourself card game.
  • ThinkGeek introduced the MineCraft-inspired USB Desktop Nether Portal to help us file our unwanted crap, and the PLAYMOBIL (TM) Apple Store Playset. Awesome.
  • Pinnacle has posted “10 New Edges with Sheen”, a set of Savage Worlds Edges that you totally need to use, including “Tiger Blood”, “Adonis DNA”, and “Duh, Winning!”
  • Speaking of Sheen, don’t forget your Weretiger blood. You’re welcome.

Got more fools to point out? Drop your links in the comments below.