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OgreCave – coming out of hibernation

Friday, August 26th, 2011

So, you’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of… well, anything here for a bit. More of a bit than usual, that is. We’ve had multiple CaveDwellers going through major Real LifeTM events, both happy (congrats to Lee and Demian on their newborn babies!) and unhappy (working through divorce, myself). This last item has been the main issue impeding site progress. But rest assured, OgreCave has plans in the works, and you’ll be seeing more new reviews (Lee has managed a few lengthy reviews, for example, despite recently becoming a father), coverage of gaming events (PAX coverage will commence shortly – watch our Facebook page!), and our podcastery will resume. So to sum up: if you missed us, we’re sorry, and thanks, ‘cuz we’re not done; if you didn’t… well, we’ll show you why you should have.

2011 ENnie Award winners announced

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Marking the midpoint of Gen Con Indy for the past several years, the ENnie Awards were held again last night at the convention. For the second time in a row, Paizo Publishing swept the awards, coming away with nine gold awards, including Best Production Values, Best Setting, Best Supplement, Best Adventure, Fan’s Choice for Best Publisher (Wizards of the Coast took the silver), and Product of the Year (for the Pathfinder: Advanced Player’s Guide). This year’s winners also included multiple nods to The Dresden Files RPG, which won for Best Writing, Best Rules, Best New Game, and Best Game, and took second for Product of the Year. Wizards of the Coast grabbed a gold award as well, for its Castle Ravenloft Boardgame, and a few silvers. As always, OgreCave congratulates all the winners and nominees – merely appearing on a list of such formidable products is quite an achievement.

History repeats and expands itself at

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

There’s an item of interest over at RPGnet, and it brings attention to a massive research project many gamers will be interested in. Shannon Applecline’s Designers & Dragons: The Column launched today, bringing back his detailed histories of various game companies – from Atlas Games to Wizards of the Coast – that first appeared in his A Brief History of Game columns. Obviously the new column is primarily timed to give some love to Designers & Dragons, Shannon’s book coming soon from Mongoose Publishing, which compiles and greatly expands his old columns. However, in the months ahead the new column will expand its historical coverage to encompass a wider range of companies. Keep an eye out for these – it’s often surprising to hear how your favorite publishers got their starts, or how they faded away.

Fiasco wins 2011 Diana Jones Award

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

FiascoSince we’re on the cusp of Gen Con Indy, it’s that time again. At tonight’s annual Diana Jones Award presentation, it was revealed that Jason Morningstar’s Fiasco has won this year’s prize. As you may recall, Fiasco was up against two other powerhouse roleplaying titles, The Dresden Files RPG and FreeMarket, as well as the board games Catacombs and Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space. Jason Morningstar won the award previously in 2008 for Grey Ranks, so maybe he’s getting good at this game design thing. Congrats again to Jason, and to all the well-deserved nominees.

Fantasy Flight announces Star Wars license, upcoming games

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Fantasy Flight Games just announced it has entered into a licensing agreement with Lucasfilm Ltd. for the rights to publish card, roleplaying, and miniatures games based on Star Wars. FFG also announced the first two Star Wars game lines the company plans to release – the X-Wing miniatures game and Star Wars: The Card Game, both scheduled to launch in early 2012. This take on a Star Wars card gaming experience will take the cooperative approach – which, other than a deck-building game like Dominion, might be the only approach that hasn’t been tried yet. Meanwhile, X-Wing will be “a tactical ship-to-ship combat game” with “detailed painted miniatures”, multiple scenarios and tools to create more. (see below for full press release)