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After the recent layoff of 100+ people at Wizards of the Coast, what do you predict next for the company?

2.7% : Total recovery. WotC will become profitable, and return to their former glory.

22.1% : They'll discover the next uber-collectible game, ride it for a year or two, and be right back here again.

7.8% : They'll become just another D20 company.

11.5% : All the laid-off folks will start their own company.

17.0% : More layoffs whenever Hasbro needs to look good.

1.3% : WotC goes into hiding, fugitives from Hasbro's law.

5.5% : Hasbro will eventually challenge the OGL in court.

31.7% : Total demise. In a year or two, WotC won't exist, having been sold off piece by piece.

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