GenCon 2001 Photo Gallery: Booth Babes

The only true booth babe, during a quiet moment. The sign was for our safety, not his.

The chainmail model, aptly named Chainmail Girl. It's not just a name, it's a lifestyle.

Amazing what you can do with chicken wire, hot glue, and some feathers. Naturally, the news crews interviewed her as a good representative of your typical convention-goer.

At Clyde Caldwell's booth, this comely lass wore armor to fend off the circling gamer geeks.

The Decipher booth babes, pushing the Lord of the Rings CCG. Would that make them Ringwenches?

"Excuse me, miss? Uh, your leather armor needs some repairs."

The "Guest of Honor" booth, set up in front of the main autograph stage. This was for the "stars" that were announced over the PA system EVERY 15 MINUTES FOR THE ENTIRE CON!! "Now signing... at the...Guest of Honor booth...Aurra Sing...from Star Wars...Episode One..." MAKE IT STOP!!!

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