GenCon 2001 Photo Gallery: The Games

This was either a Battletech session, or some sort of gardening project.

The Board Game Hall, in all it's glory. Ah, I love the smell of competition in the evening.

As you can imagine, parking at the con became a bit of a problem. A Cthulhu/Car Wars crossover, anyone?

In this live version of Cheapass Game's Kill Doctor Lucky, the good doctor (on the left) is being accosted by a tight hat. No, really.

"All right, men. Once we capture the rulebook, we'll rewrite it so we never have to die in pointless combats again!"

Dungeon crawling with the excellent Master Maze sets from Dwarven Forge, an increasingly common scene.

One of my roommates is hiding behind a reverse periscope, used to look at things from tabletop level without stooping down.

Here are some Risk 2210 players, trying in vain to avoid rolling dice.

This Settlers board has feelings of inadequacy compared to the one from Origins.

A demo of Tenjo, the strategic game of Feudal Japan, packed with ten essential vitamins and minerals.

We have no idea what this game is, but just look at it. IT IS OUR GOD.


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