GenCon 2001 Photo Gallery: The Products

Decipher was pushing the Lord of the Rings CCG hard, as well as showing trailers for the first movie. One staffer was overheard saying that "New Line Cinema will have us wearing these T-shirts until the end of time." Ah, marketing.

Inside the castle, the new Chainmail game dominated the northern courtyard. This swampy scenario resulted in many a death before GenCon was over.

Neverwinter Nights in a live demo. This is a real, undoctored photograph - we tried to enhance that image of the game on the screen, but we couldn't do it in a way that didn't make it look completely as if it'd been pasted in from a separate screenshot. Weird.

Whoa, an actual Origins Award. Dork Storm Press won this one for the Dork Tower story, "Matt and Gilly's Big Date."

Coolest item in the dealer's room. If you can't heal it, duc it.

You can't tell from the picture, but this is the eBay Card Game from Journeyman Press.

An entire booth was dedicated to the Lord of the Rings board game, now published by Fantasy Flight. The new expansion, Friends & Foes, should be out shortly. Must... have... expansion...

A Mage Knight scenario, with a couple of the new dragons thrown in for good measure. "Have fun storming the castle."

A demo of the new Mage Knight: Dungeon set, which has all the fun of an RPG dungeon crawl without the RPG.

The zulu tribe was recruiting, under the guise of selling a game called Nomad. OSTA Productions is just a front company.

Finally! A good use for all those action figures in the garage. If only they had combat dials...

Another new game from Journeyman Press, Zombies!!! involves re-slaying the living dead, and running like hell for the helicopter. Works for me.


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