GenCon 2001 Photo Gallery: Random Stuff

The Milwaukee Express Center, home of GenCon 2001, and many GenCons before. Next year will be the final show here before the big move.

The other end of the MEC, with the arena in the background.

Having reached the summit, I paused to look back at the second floor.

The two Battlebots that WotC chose to sponsor. The small one lost early on, but the big one made it to the heavyweight quarter finals. Do I know too much about Battlebots? Sadly, yes.

The area in front of the board game hall. The donut vendor here did very well.

The Dragonball Z humvee, leaving the con at the end of the last day.

Ah, the only way to shop at GenCon.

Unfortunately, the cafeteria was only serving acryllic.

Hey, how'd that shot get in here? Cthulhu rally? No, no, that's... uh... a Pokemon tournament. Yeah.

The Wizard's Attic crew, breaking down the booth and heading for home.

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