GenCon 2001 Photo Gallery: The Floor

Ah, commerce. Such is the GenCon dealer's room. Kinda looks like a level of Doom, though.

The hottentots run amuck inside the WotC castle.

If Wizards ever gets rid of the castle, I want to put it around my house. It would go well with the catapult, and the boiling oil I reserve for Jehovah's Witnesses.

A small siege tower was set up toward the castle's western wall. No deaths were reported, though. Many pointed to the attacking company's sponsorship of the block party as a condition of the truce.

The castle's eastern wall was also under siege. Some of the attackers wore strangely fruity uniforms.

Synister Creative Systems did very well at the con, and got an award for the most creative small booth. Yellow jumpsuits will do that every time.

The Mage Knight addicts were kept in check by aerial patrol.

Studio Foglio. They win.

"Somewhere... over the rainbow... Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week."

After a year of being the poster boy for D&D 3, Regdar's arm must be getting tired. Dude, at least switch hands.


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