Origins 2001 Photo Index

Photos by Mike, who is not a trained photographer

Krema-Nut! This was in the food court for some reason. They don't carry chocolate salty balls - I checked.

A nightclub at Six Flags, circa 1982. No, wait, it's the Vandorian Phlanx booth.

Vandorian Phlanx in play in the big demo room. See, you need the raised boards and the lights so you can... put them next to each other.

Out-Of-Control Minis Setups #1: Fairy Meat! That's a 1:1 scale setup, actually. Sorry the shadows kinda ruin the shot.

Out-Of-Control Minis Setups #2: Snow! Really. It looked cooler in person, okay?

Out-Of-Control Minis Setups #3: No minis, but a guy crawling up on the table to move his pieces around. Those wargamers are some straight O.G.s.

Nothing mini about this one - the giant Settlers of Catan board.

Ceci N'est Pas Un Sign. I don't really remember why I found this so funny.

A piece of the show floor, from near the Z-G babes, uh, I mean booth.

9th Level's Wandering Prize Table. Behold and quake in fear.

Action Shot! The redoubtable John "FuzzFace" McMahon makes Button Men at the Cheapass booth.

A big Origins Award. I still haven't figured out what the muse of epic poetry has to do with anything, but whatever.

One of the colorful and cool Z-G demo tables at the Atomoton booth.

Key 20 Publishing built a scary kids' room to promote their closet-badness RPG Little Fears.

Ever been unsure whether to say "awww" or "ehhhuurrr"? That woman's wearing leather chaps. Yeah.


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