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OgreCave Video Coverage
Presentations & press conferences

GenCon Indy 2005 (8/20/05) - Matt Wilson of Privateer Press announcing upcoming the new miniatures game, Hordes.

Hordes announcement from Privateer Press (10.5 MB; Quicktime required)

GenCon Indy 2005 (8/18/05) - Peter Adkison, Owner and CEO of GenCon. Press conference & QA about 2005 show.

Peter Adkison at GenCon '05 (23.6 MB; Quicktime required)

GenCon Indy 2005 (8/18/05) - Short press announcements from Claire Vail of Wizards of the Coast, and Claudine Ricanor of Upper Deck. Short video, with mostly generalized information.

WotC and Upper Deck press announcements (6.1 MB; Quicktime required)


GenCon SoCal 2005 (11/19/05) - Luke Crane, author of the Burning Wheel RPG, gives us the skinny on his game. Watch for the cameo appearance by Peter Adkison of Gen Con LLC midway through the interview.

Luke Crane of Burning Wheel (plus Peter Adkison) (9.2 MB; Quicktime required)

GenCon SoCal 2005 (11/19/05) - Mark MacKinnon, President of Guardians of Order, talks briefly about the A Game of Thrones RPG.

Mark MacKinnon of Guardians of Order (4.9 MB; Quicktime required)

GenCon SoCal 2005 (11/19/05) - One of the Dead Gentlemen, answering a couple questions about The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

Dead Gentlemen (3.4 MB; Quicktime required)

GenCon Indy 2005 (8/20/05) - Jason Mical, Marketing Director at WizKids, on upcoming products such as the Battlestar Galactica CCG.

Jason Mical for WizKids (26.5 MB; Quicktime required)

GenCon Indy 2005 (8/19/05) - Ryan Miller, R&D Lead on Hecatomb and member of R&D for Wizards of the Coast.

Ryan Miller on Hecatomb (20.9 MB; Quicktime required)

Other videos

GenCon Indy 2005 (8/19/05) - The folks at Turbine tell us all about Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Turbine on Dungeons & Dragons Online (20.5 MB; Quicktime required)

More coming soon...

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