De Planes! De Planes!

If you berks didn’t know the Planescape setting is alive and well, you obviously didn’t count on the fans. Since the Planescape line had ceased production, was the place citizens of Sigil frequented. Not for long, though, as will be stepping in as the new official site of Planescape. Jim Butler, Director of RPG Licensing at Wizards, detailed the reasons for the change:

Jon Winter, webmaster of and moderator of the Planescape list, has recently come forward to tell me that he’ll be unable to keep updating the site to the extent that he has in the past. He’d also like to step down as moderator. It seems that getting a PhD is more important… imagine that! 😉

Please join me in congratulating Brannon and! I look forward to seeing the exciting offerings planned for the new official site in the future.