Shadowrun Supplemental #13 Available

The latest issue of The Shadowrun Supplemental is available for download here.This issue was delayed slightly by the news that FASA is closing up shop, which prompted a last minute update.

Freeport in Focus Again
Green Ronin Publishing has posted a new episode of Focus on Freeport. A look at the upcoming Madness in Freeport adventure is included.

Hero Wars Gets Thunder Rebels
Greg Stafford and our friends at Issaries have released another great looking supplement for Hero Wars. Thunder Rebels: The Players’ Book for Orlanthi Barbarians, details nearly 50 cults to follow, and “also includes myths and maps to help adventure on the Divine Plane, including a map of Orlanth’s own divine Storm Realm.” Whoa. Go take a look to see some sample art, the complete table of contents, and an excerpt from the book.