A Peek at Games Unplugged 2001

In an agressive move, Games Unplugged is going monthly starting this month. Here’s a look ahead at what this year’s issues will contain. My previous place of employment, Gamers.com, was supposed to be part of this month’s Best gaming sites on the net, but given the massive layoffs, who knows? I’ll have to check on it.

  • February ’01: Best gaming sites on the net
  • March ’01: Will include a free deck of Warlords from AEG
  • April ’01: 50 Most influential people in gaming
  • May ’01: RPG and miniatures game design
  • June ’01: Upcoming releases for Origins and GenCon
  • July ’01: Richard Garfield’s secret upcoming game
  • August ’01: D20 mania and a look at the OGL
  • September ’01: Foreign games in the U.S.
  • October ’01: Horror games special issue
  • November ’01: Holiday shopping guide
  • December ’01: Lord of the Rings Issue