DunDraCon XXV in Full Swing

The biggest game convention in California, and the oldest one as well, DunDraCon calls to us once again. As the first game convention I ever attended (back around DDC XI or so), this one holds special memories for me, and I never miss it. Here’s a few of the highlights I plan to check out:

  • Jennifer Clarke Wilkes and “other WotC staff” will give the traditional state of the union address early Saturday morning.
  • Greg Stafford and the staff of Issaries, Inc. will “Illuminate” fans.
  • Bruce Harlick of Hero Games and Steve Peterson of Cybergames.com will discuss how things are going in their neck of the woods.
  • Other luminaries in attendance (from a quick scan of the program): Nicole Lindroos, Chris Pramas, Mark Arsenault, Ken Hite, Rick Loomis, Tom Jolly, John Wick… the list just keeps going.

We’ll be grabbing as much news as we can, beating it into submission, and smuggling it out in a burlap sack. Stay tuned.