Get Ready to Rum-Bull

Aldo from Wingnut Games tells us that the Battle Cattle 25mm miniatures should be reaching stores within a couple of weeks. Let the bovine combat commence! Keep watching on OgreCave for more info.

Mage Knight Beta Release
The popular and addictive Mage Knight game will be revised for a Beta release in April. The new release will have more durable packaging, and each figure’s protective plastic shell will be color coordinated to signify the figure’s rarity. The game play will remain unchanged.

Broken Shadows Approach
Diskwars has a new expansion set hitting stores next week called Broken Shadows. Players who are willing to preorder all eight packs from Fantasy Flight Games will get a limited edition Helspanth X’ru disk (worth 25 Army Points). Oooh, aahhh.

Porn Star Freed From Freak Factory
When a chance for a title like that comes along, you’ve gotta take it.

On Valentine’s Day, Freak Factory Game Studios transferred ownership of their
controversial card game, Porn Star, to Death Tech. After all the problems Freak Factory had promoting the game last year, it remains to be seen if the company change will help the game’s success.