Do You Love Zombies?

Eden Studios is looking for their biggest fan. If you can convince them that no one loves All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Conspiracy X, and Eden’s other games more than you, you’ll get everything they make for the next two years. How can you convince them of your fanatical devotion? Check out the contest details for ideas.

Dark Portal Open
Dark Portal Games, a new RPG company, has released their first D20 product as a free download. The pdf adventure, Dead Fire, is for 4-6 characters of levels 1-2, and involves one hell of a forest fire.

A Quick Drink
Wizards has a new Instant Tavern Generator that’s worth checking out. Set the accomodation quality, the number of rumors to be heard, and even print out a random menu to show your players. Belly up to the bar, lads!

Ronin Refocused
The latest issue of Focus on Freeport is up at Green Ronin’s site. This month’s cool feature: a free D20 adventure called Holiday in the Sun, for characters of levels 2-4.

Agatha Blades Launches
Another young D20 company, Agatha Blades just launched today, and already has a downloadable adventure available. Shades of Yesterday, an adventure for four 1st level characters, is available for free in multiple formats on the site.

Veil Lifted
White Wolf posted a preview of their newest supplement for Vampire: The Dark Ages. The supplement, Veil of Night, reveals the medieval Islamic world for World of Darkness fans.