Wizards Hit by Earthquake

According to a post on their website, Wizards of the Coast’s offices were damaged by a major earthquake on Tuesday that affected the entire Seattle, WA region. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it may take a little while before operations return to normal. Their offices are shut down temporarily for safety reasons.

Gamers Tavern Speaks Up
A live radio call-in show about gaming, which can be heard over the net every Saturday? Yep, that’s Gamers Tavern. They’ve been around for a couple months now.

Frag Some Boardgamers
Steve Jackson Games is in the playtest stages of their new boardgame, Frag. The game simulates the FPS (First Person Shooter) computer games, only without the use of a computer. Download the board and other parts of the game, and get your rail on.

Decipher Grabs LUG Guys
Role Play News reports that Decipher has hired “at least some of the old [Last Unicorn Games] design team.” The designers will work on the Star Trek RPG that Decipher plans to release late this year, effectively returning to their LUG roots.