AEG Bringing D20 Onslaught

AEG is certainly keeping busy. In April, eight more Adventure Keep D20 modules will be released, and in June, the Farscape RPG will reach store shelves. In case you were wondering, Farscape will also use the D20 system. Then, in October, AEG will extend the network of D20 conversions out there with a Legend of the Five Rings D20 companion book.

Mage Knight Goes Metal
Far better than going country western, Mage Knight figures are being recast in metal by Ral Partha. This is good news, not only for WizKids fanatics, but for gamers concerned over the demise of FASA and the uncertain future of sister company Ral Partha. Back to the metal figures, though:

“The figures, priced between $3.95 and $9.95, will be released in four waves of 16 figures each, with additional groups of 16 available every two weeks starting in April.”

Sounds like a full scale invasion. However, the metal versions of your favorite miniatures won’t have the dials built into their base — they’re just for collecting.