Agent X: The Secret Is Out

It’s time to trade in those capes and fangs for fedoras and Walther PPK’s. Cybergames is bringing Agent X to the live-action roleplaying stage. Steeped in espionage and government conspiracies, Agent X puts the player in the role of a secret agent torn between protecting a country and uncovering the truth about its corrupt government. Classic superspy themes mix with modern technological horrors, as characters go up against criminal syndicates, political factions, and ultimately their own consciences. The original version of the rulebook, as well as a deck of 15 result cards, are available at the Cybergames website. Intrigued parties may also purchase a new, electronic version with an introduction to live-action roleplaying by the man himself, Gary Gygax. Soon to come is an interactive Agent X website that will feature game utilities, characters, case files, and other top-secret information. We could tell you more but then… you know the rest.