Guardians and Pioneer, Together Again

Anime RPG fans, take note: is on the prowl again. While working on the Tenchi Muyo! and El-Hazard RPG resource books, GOO and Pioneer Entertainment got to know each other quite well, and have decided to build on the relationship even more. Under a new multi-year license, GOO will produce similar “fan guide” RPGs for several of Pioneer’s titles. Each “Ultimate Fan Guide” book will be 128 pages (two-thirds of which will be full-color), sell for $19.95 US, and contain episode guides, images from the series, and Tri-Stat compatible game stats for each character. The first new book, Serial Experiment Lain Ultimate Fan Guide, will debut in October 2001.

Diskwars Commander’s Toolkit
Fantasy Flight Games has posted the latest version of the Diskwars Commander’s Toolkit for free download. The useful program contains all the stats on every disk in the game, even promotional disks. Gamers can pay a $15 registration fee to be able to view the original disk images with the program. Download your copy, organize the troops, and go pick a fight with a neighboring army.

Out of Harn’s Way
The classic world of Hârn has been translated to the D20 system, thanks to Columbia Games. Head over to their site for the 71 page pdf file, and settle in for some serious reading.