Live-Action Werewolf Refitted and Ready To Rage

The most savage denizens of the World of Darkness are finally getting their own live-action makeover. White Wolf is now taking pre-orders for Laws of the Wild Revised Limited Edition. The deluxe version of the standard Mind’s Eye Theatre paperback will feature a leather cover, a cloth bookmark, and eight extra pages of game material. Werewolf Revised is written by Bruce Baugh, Heather Grove, Ellen Kiley, and Alan Kravit.

White Wolf Unleashes Its Newest Horrors
From the relative obscurity of supplements to the main stage of the World of Darkness, Mummy: the Resurrection has hit the stands. This latest addition to White Wolf’s core line of role-playing genres immerses us in the ubiquitous mythology of ancient Egypt and the Middle East. As the story goes, Osiris, brother to the vampiric Set, has given his priests the power to create a new form of mummy. Called the Undying, these mummies follow the path of something called the Ma’at. Sound as intriguing to you as it does to me? Only one way to find out. In previous World of Darkness canon, mummies were incredibly rare beings of unfathomable power. They were also completely indestructible, so it will be interesting to see exactly how Resurrection functions. The Mummy core rulebook also features one of the most beautiful covers in recent White Wolf history. Mummy: the Resurrection is written by Conrad Hubbard, Steve Kenson, Jess Heinig, Rob Hatch, James Comer, and Richard Ruane, and developed by Kraig Blackwelder and Andrew Bates.

At long last, the live-action version of Mage: the Ascension has arrived. Perhaps the most demanded and highly anticipated Mind’s Eye Theatre product ever, Laws of Ascension Limited Edition comes to us after languishing in developer’s limbo. Followers of the way of the White Wolf will remember the difficulty expressed by Mage and MET developers in bringing the abstract world of Ascension to the live-action stage. Head mage developer Jess Heinig received countless rules proposals from fans and even published an unofficial guideline for live-action mages in issue four of the Mind’s Eye Theatre Journal. Now it’s official. How can the power to reshape reality be condensed into a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors? Good question… Laws of Ascension is written by Martin Hackleman, Mikki Rautalahti and Peter Woodworth.

Speaking of things Mage, the first of the Revised Tradition Books have arrived. The Akashic Brotherhood leads the way. The warriors of the Mind get a new take on philosophy, practices, and, of course, martial arts. Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood Revised is written by Malcolm Sheppard.

And what would a White Wolf news report be without mentioning something Vampire? Clanbook: Tzimisce Revised has reared its twisted head and is ready for consumption. The Carpathian Fiends no longer have the luxury of time in the Final Nights, and their decadent evil is about to catch up to them. The Tzimisce are steeped in traditional vampire mythology more than any other Vampire clan. The Revised treatment should make them even more devilishly appealing than before. Clanbook: Tzimisce is written by Lucien Soulban and James Stewart.