Wizards’ Star Wars Schedule

The 2001 product schedule for the Star Wars RPG line has been announced. In August, The Dark Side ($29.95) will be described, including dark side feats, powers, and weaponry. The Rebellion Era Sourcebook ($29.95), coming in September, will detail the original three movies, as the Rebellion struggles against the mighty Empire. Alien Anthology ($26.95; formerly titled Creatures of the Galaxy) will bring a wide variety of creatures and races to campaigns in October. Starships of the Galaxy ($21.95) will show players how to build starships, and includes new rules for ship-to-ship combat. Starships of the Galaxy will arrive in December.

However, the next release for the Star Wars game will be Secrets of Tatooine ($21.95). According to a post on SWRPGNetwork, the format will follow that of Secrets of Naboo. Two-thirds will be source material, one-third an adventure. The cities of Mos Espa, Mos Eisley, and Mos Entha will be detailed and mapped, as will Jabba’s Throneroom and the Boonta Eve racetrack. For more details, check here. Secrets of Tatooine will ship in May.