Weird Sex Brought Wizards Around?

I was worried that the conclusion of John Tynes’ WotC elegy on Salon would send a message of “corporate openness and freakiness bad” with its dramatic rhythms, even as Tynes actually says “corporate openness and freakiness good.” (Although he seems a little defensive about the whole goblins thing.) You know, it’s like old horror movies: the actual content has to end with good and order triumphing over evil and chaos, but the subtext in the middle reel is what we really identify with. In this case, I wonder if Tynes is in full control of his message here.

That said, though, the piece concludes well and has a few interesting secrets. I’m imagining Peter Adkison actually engineering his MBA conversion as a long, elaborate escape hatch for himself and his first few employees. What that must have been like, to spend two years as an evil doppelganger corporate self, so in the end you’d never have to do it again. Well… I guess that must have been like… life.

Speaking of which, half of your dedicated and selfless (unemployed) OgreCave staff starts a job tomorrow. Technical developments and, sadly, new game reviews are going to be a little slower in coming. But you’ll always be in my heart. Yay.