Oriental Surprises

James Wyatt, designer of the upcoming Oriental Adventures supplement for D&D 3, has revealed some interesting tidbits about the book’s contents. For one thing, the setting will be Rukugan (of Legend of the Five Rings), not Kara-Tur. Wyatt also gave a rough estimate of the other contents of OA 3E, which you might find surprising:

  • Number of new classes? 5
  • Number of new prestige classes? 25
  • Number of new races? 5
  • Number of new monsters? 75
  • Number of new spells? over 100
  • Number of new feats? 70
  • Number of new skills? 1
  • Prospective page count? 256, hardcover

Upper Deck and Mage Knight?
Apparently, WizKids has made a deal with Upper Deck Entertainment to publish Mage Knight trading cards this summer. This won’t be a game, though; just nifty cards to collect and trade. However, Upper Deck couldn’t resist thowing in a bonus:

Collectors and new players alike will be pleased to find a limited-edition Mage Knight miniature inserted into each box of trading cards, ready for game play. This miniature is a UDE exclusive, and will not be available anywhere else.”

I just hope Upper Deck packages them better than the Survivor CCG. I prefer my cards to be separate entities, not a semi-flexible block of cardboard and glue.