Sack Armies Charging

After an amazing response at last week’s GAMA convention, Tyranny Games is moving up the release of Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force from August to June. The game’s first two expansions, Colonization and Fortification, are still scheduled for December 2001 and Spring 2002 respectively. We’re eagerly awaiting our first expedition in the Tangle.

Planet Hopping
Wizards has a new random planet generator that gives GMs a quick blurb for nav computers to spew at spacefarers. Moderately useful, actually.

FASA’s Smith Moves to Lone Wolf
Eric Smith of FASA will be leaving the fading industry giant in favor of Lone Wolf Development. The change will come next month, as FASA wraps up a long, grand run in gaming. Smith will become Lone Wolf’s Director of Sales and Marketing, and begin the task of selling their helpful software, such as Army Builder.