Free Stuff From the Death Mages

If you have your copy of Necromancer Games’ Demons and Devils, look up the product password and head to the company’s site for another free download. This time, 21 pages of additional material are available to supplement the already excellent D&D adventures in the book. As if that weren’t enough, two maps are also available. If you’ve got the password, go grab ’em.

By the way, the solution to the Rappan Athuk riddle has been posted somewhere on the Necromancer site. If you can find it, you can download a special encounter, which pays tribute to the Vault of the Drow encounter that inspired it.

Zorro Takes Over Game Trade
The May issue of Game Trade Magazine will be rife with Zorro RPG promotions. Quick-start rules and a mini-adventure for Gold Rush Games’ upcoming The Legacy of Zorro Introductory Adventure Game (*whew*) will compliment a featured “Zorro Sword” by United Cutlery Brands. The full game should reach stores in June. Be careful when handling your copy of the magazine — too much Zorro can stain.

Void Where Downloaded
The new issue of Battles With Miniatures, i-Kore’s official Void publication, is available for download. Miniatures gamers will enjoy a look at Void, and pick up some painting tips, perhaps.