GAMA’s View of Chainmail

I just realized it’s Friday the 13th. Let’s get on with the news before something goes wrong. 🙂

A brief article on the Chainmail miniatures game preview at GAMA is on the WotC site. There isn’t much info, but reports are that everyone was enthusiastic. Our friend Chris Pramas, Creative Director for the Chainmail game, is shown in the pics, running demos for convention goers. We’re looking forward to October to see it ourselves.

Listen Up, Cyberpunks…
R. Talsorian’s 2001 product schedule lists a milestone looming in August: Cyberpunk V.3. The new edition will jump ahead twenty more years, placing us firmly in the Post Information Age. I may have to dust off my Solo, Edwardo, and jack in.

Avalanche of D20
Avalanche Press has two more D20 adventures following on the heels of their acclaimed Last Days of Constantinople. Ragnarok: Tales Of The Norse Gods will put players in the roles of lesser gods & goddesses from the Norse pantheon. Their quest: to stall the “Doom of the Gods” (otherwise known as Ragnarok). The Greenland Saga will be a historical adventure that involves “the disappearance of the Norse colony of Greenland.” Both adventures seem to be scheduled for June releases.