Sovereign Stone Goes D20

In a surprising announcement, Don Perrin of Sovereign Press revealed plans to redo the Sovereign Stone RPG using the D20 System. Sovereign Stone has already seen the efforts of a number of former TSR “golden era” designers, as well as the efforts of Dragonlance authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, and artist Larry Elmore. A press release addressed why the choice to convert was made.

The decision to abandon the current Sovereign Stone Role-Playing Game line lies simply in the numbers. We feel that the strength of our product line is in the world, and that world can be explored by so many more players under the d20 license. We will rewrite and reissue all of the current Sovereign Stone products with d20 information so that our fans can experience the rich world of Sovereign Stone with a great new system.

As a fan of the Sov Stone setting, I’ll be interested to see how gamers respond to the converted game. The new incarnation of Sovereign Stone is planned to release at GenCon 2001.

Creature Collection Corrections
If you’ve noticed a glitch or two in your copy of the Creature Collection, don’t worry, Swords & Sorcery has got you covered. They’ve just posted a new errata list that adjusts the Challenge Rating of many creatures and lists the climate/terrain for each beast as well. Since the Creature Collection made it out the door before the Monster Manual and didn’t have an example to follow, it’s only natural to see some minor tweaking now.