Cavemen on the March

Cavemen are coming out for the spring thaw over at Wingnut Games. The Complete Caveman’s Club Book is being printed at this very moment, as is the second printing of Land of Og. You’ll need Land of Og to make proper use of the CCCB, but since each gives you 64 pages of prehistoric goodness for just under $10 apiece, you’d do well to check them out. Ogre recommends. You buy. Ug.

Game Swapping
RPG Host has a new game trading site up and running, RPG Swap. Buy, sell, or trade those excellent products now.

Lunar Empire For Sale
Embrace the Illuminated ways of the Lunar Empire (of Hero Wars and RuneQuest fame). Or, if you can’t make such a drastic lifestyle change right now, consider grabbing a copy of the offical map poster. Just reading the details makes me drool.

The map measures 59.4 cm x 70 cm (23.5 in x 27.5 in), printed in crisp, full colour on heavy, glossy 170gsm paper, produced from the high-resolution original. It really is a gorgeous and impressive piece of work, as suited for use in play as display on a wall or at a convention.

Go take a look, and order a copy, if you’d like.