Fuzzy Fruit Takes Over

Nightshift Games has posted an entertaining eight page pdf preview of the Supermegatopia RPG. The anime game may be mature in nature, but that won’t stop it from acting goofy as well. For example, the sheer amount of kiwi fruit in Supermegatopia outweighs the citizens thereof, and is used in everything from fuel to perfume.

A Taste of Angels. Honey-glazed. With Fries and a Coke
Another company with freebies is Visionary Games, which has a quickplay version of their Archangel RPG. The 35-page pdf file, called Miracles, takes players to 392 BC, when “the Almighty empowered great men and women and allowed angels to walk with men for the first time in history.” Sounds like there’s gonna be a rumble in Babylon tonight.