More Children Revealed

This week, Misguided Games reveals another race to us from their upcoming dieselpunk fantasy RPG, Children of the Sun. This time the Banfilidh, a race of “pixie-like plant creatures” take center stage.

Freeport and Folios
(No, I said folio, not Foglio. Pay attention.)
Despite the lack of a March update, Green Ronin’s Focus on Freeport hits us with the Temple of the God of Knowledge, a useful location for Freeport GMs. Additionally, a new product has been added to Green Ronin’s schedule: the d20 Character Record Folio.

Say goodbye to cramming your notes and magic items onto a single sheet, the folio is designed to handle your character for the entire campaign. Its 16 beautifully designed pages include great add-ons like mini-record sheets for your paladin’s warhorse, familiar, and cohorts, and adventure logs that let you track important events and NPCs.

Does this herald a move toward ? I sure hope so. Let the players do the notetaking for a change! Hell, I’d be happy if my players would write a name on their characters.

Adkison Disputes Wizards Story
Sci Fi Wire reports that Peter Adkison, founder of Wizards of the Coast, isn’t entirely thrilled with John Tynes’ story, Death to the Minotaur. The account of the early days and ways of Wizards as a growing company didn’t sit well with Adkison, who said “There was not the level of open sex going on at the office that John reports. At least not that I was involved with or even had knowledge of.” Damn. I so wanted to believe in the Melrose Place of gaming geeks.