Mongoose Loose in D20

New company Mongoose Publishing is heading in a different direction with their D&D 3 supplements: highly detailed guides of one monster race. Called the Slayer’s Guides, each book will fully explore one creature type, both for the players’ benefit and the DM’s. The first of these guides, The Slayer’s Guide to Hobgoblins, will arrive in July, followed by the Guides to Gnolls and Centaurs in August, and to Kobolds in September.

FASA’s End Draws Closer
Gaming giant FASA, still in the process of clearing out stock and closing down, put up this announcement recently. If you still have anything you want to order from the mighty FASA, do it now, or forever hold thy dice.

The DMG Saga Continues
Monte Cook, author of the new Dungeon Master’s Guide, has posted the second installment of his story of writing the DMG. Check it out for a look at the organized chaos that resulted in your copy.