Fiery Dragon at Sword & Sorcery

Fiery Dragon Productions has just become the second company to have its D20 products distributed under White Wolf’s Sword & Sorcery imprint. The first Fiery Dragon adventure that will bear the S&S logo, Nature’s Fury, will arrive in August. Boy, White Wolf’s sure building up steam with their D20 projects. They’ve got D20 Ravenloft through Arthaus, they distribute for Necromancer and Fiery Dragon, and they’ve got Sword & Sorcery doing the Scarred Lands. How long until they try to buy Elminster?

A Peek at Mystic Eye
Mystic Eye Games has let us know that The Pit of Loch-Durnan, their first D20 adventure, has shipped to stores. Bonus downloads for those who purchase the adventure are already posted online. What do they include?

First, a full color map of the hamlet of Loch-Durnan by the outstanding Rob Lee. Second, another great full color map of the Loch-Side Inn, the Inn’s menu, and an enhanced stat block for the proprietor.

MEG’s upcoming creature compendium, Nightmares & Dreams, is being printed, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer for it to arrive. There’s always the free creatures as appetizers, though.