Original Lone Wolf Artist Approves of Project Aon

Gary Chalk, the illustrator of the first eight Lone Wolf gamebooks, has at last been contacted by Project Aon, the online republishers of the classic series. To everyone’s joy, he has given permission for his artwork to be included in the online reprints! Although the exact date on which his illustrations will be posted online hasn’t been announced yet, it will be a great day for the Lone Wolf community and will add a great deal of flavor to the web-based adventures. At this point, nearly everyone involved in the development of the Lone Wolf series has been found; all that’s missing now are the rights to books 21 through 28 and permission to use illustrations from the four World of Lone Wolf books.

Piecepack Support Continues to Grow
Galloglass Games has just posted several new games for use with their Piecepack set, a collection of game components designed to do for board games what traditional playing cards have done for card games. The Piecepack has been released into the public domain, so anybody is allowed to design games for it or even sell copies of it. This is a fascinating idea, and something worth watching…