Studios May Cast Raise Dead on D&D Movie

Just when we thought the original movie had stopped twitching and was ready for a long
dirt-nap, Ain’t It Cool News reports that there’s a good chance of a sequel to the ill-received Dungeons & Dragons movie. When you’ve stopped screaming and trying to gouge out your eyes, you can read the news story here. And put some iodine on that. Owch.

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #77
After an entertaining and useful issue dealing with absentee players (which I’ve been
getting a lot of lately **grumble, grumble**), the new Roleplaying Tips Weekly has moved on to the topic of passing notes. No, not during your math test. Since I’m usually GMing in my group, someone always passes me a note that just says “Hi.” I usually respond with “You feel a stabbing pain in your chest…”

Jesters and Elves
In addition to a second round of hilarity from the We’re Misguided strip, Misguided Games has posted details on the elves from their Children of the Sun RPG. Take a gander at one or both, if you so desire.