D&D Killed Professor Plum in the Library with the Dicebag

Lidda, Regdar, Mialee and Tordek are among the characters replacing Mr. Green and Ms. Peacock in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Clue. The Archmage has been murdered, and the doors to the castle won’t let the characters leave until they determine which one of them did the foul deed. Rooms will include the Dungeon, the Armory, and the “Trap-Filled Room” (every archmage needs one of those), while weapons are things like the Vorpal Sword, Mace of Disruption, and Scroll of Fireball. If the Fireball was the weapon, I’d start with the spell-casters, personally. USAopoly, the company behind the new game, will launch the product at this year’s GenCon by running several live action sessions of D&D Clue. Ooh! Ooh! I get to be Nebin!