Feng Shui to Join the D20 Fold

This October, Atlas Games has a surprise in store for Feng Shui fans. Burning Shaolin, an adventure being written by Robin Laws, will include D20 stats alongside the usual Secret War details. Yep, you’ll be able to play the module with either a 6th-8th level D20 group, or beginning Feng Shui characters. New D20 rules for “Faceless Horde” combat and wuxia maneuvers will bring Kung Fu style to the table. Burning Shaolin marks the beginning of the Coriolis line, a series of dual-system RPG products. Could an Ars Magica/D20 adventure be next? Ah, I do so love to see the peaceful blending of RPG systems. There’s no need to fight when we can make games for two systems at once. We are the world…we are the gamers… 🙂

Nightmares & Dreams Walk the Earth
Mystic Eye’s hardcover creature book, Nightmares & Dreams(which we’ve been hearing about for months), is finally in stores. Don your best armor and go subdue one for yourself.