No Time to Blink

At Mystic Eye Games, things look rather busy. While another web enhancement has gone up for those who already own Pit of Loch-Durnan, the company plans to post two enhancements for owners of their Nightmares & Dreams creature book: a printable sheet of full color monster counters, and a mini-adventure using one of the N&D beasts. As if that weren’t enough, MEG announced their product schedule through February 2002. We’ll bring you more details on each product as it grows nearer, but here’s a quick look at the plan:

  • Mystic Warriors (08/01) – New feats, cults, techniques, and 20+ prestige classes for warriors.
  • The Hunt: Rise of Evil: Core Book 1: Land of Dreams & Nightmares (08/01) – “Welcome to the world of Gothos. …a strange, gothic land that is greatly effected by the nightmares and dreams of earthly sleepers.”
  • Of Places Most Foul: Adventure Collection (09/01) – Ten short adventures based in the world of Gothos.
  • Nightmares & Dreams II: Don’t Fall Asleep (10/01) – MEG’s second creature collection. “This one gets even darker.”
  • The Hunt: Rise of Evil: Core Book 2: Guilds and Adventurers (11/01) – Looks into the guilds and cults of Gothos, with plenty of prestige classes for all.
  • The Witch of Loch-Durnan (12/01) – Return to the hamlet of Loch-Durnan in a mid to high level adventure.
  • The Hunt: Rise of Evil Core Book: The Pantheon and Pagan Faiths (01/02) – The gods and pagan cults of Gothos.
  • Dire Port: City of Dark Dreams (02/02) – A fully-detailed city in the forested kingdom of Dunreth. “You can always use another city.” Ain’t that the truth.

New Race Described at Misguided Games
The latest race to join the Children of the Sun RPG are the Hu Lenkra, barbaric warriors who may remind you of the bear-people from The Thirteenth Warrior. There’s some interesting ideas regarding their society.