Mongoose Linked to Demonology. Platypus Also Suspected.

This September, Mongoose Publishing will unveil Demonology – The Dark Road,the first of their Encyclopaedia Arcane series of D20 sourcebooks. Mongoose deserves some applause for delving into territory that has traditionally been avoided. The company’s site has already posted the cover art and a preview chapter to give readers a small taste. The sourcebook series will continue in November with Necromancy – Beyond the Grave.Looks like they’ve got the usually-forbidden bases covered.

Cover of LotR board game Lord of the Rings Moves to FFG
There was considerable concern in the gaming community when Wizards of the Coast decided they would no longer be the U.S. publisher of Reiner Knizia’s outstanding Lord of the Rings board game. Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced they would take over publication of the game, much to the relief of Tolkien fans. Additionally, FFG will publish the board game’s first expansion this October, Friends and Foes.In the same month, FFG will release The Hobbit board game, designed by former WotC employees Micheal Stern and Keith Meyers and illustrated by acclaimed Tolkien artist Ted Nasmith. With these new game products, it should be a very Tolkien Halloween.