*****Live from Origins 2001:***** Origins Awards Winners

We probably won’t be first online with this, but I sat there and wrote them all down in my Palm, in Graffiti, and now I’m going to type them all AGAIN so you’d all better appreciate it or I’ll turn this thing around and go home.

And the Origins Award winners for the year 2000 are…

  • Best Game Accessory: Munchkin’s Guide to Power Gaming
  • Best Game-related short fiction: “Matt & Gilly’s Big Date,” Dork Tower
  • Best Game-Related Novel: Dragons of a Fallen Sun
  • Best Historical board game: Axis and Allies: Europe
  • Best Abstract board game: Icehouse: the Martian Chess Set (yaaaay! oops, sorry, back to editorial impartiality now)
  • Best Historical Miniatures Rules: Fields of Honor
  • Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Miniatures Rules: Mage Knight: Rebellion
  • Best Historical Figure Miniatures Series: Hammer’s Hellhounds (US Paratroopers)
  • Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Figure Miniature: Beholder
  • Best Vehicular Miniature: Shadowsword Titan Hunter
  • Best Amateur Game Periodical: Alarums & Excursions
  • Best Professional Game Periodical: Pyramid
  • Best Play-by-Mail Game: Starweb
  • Best Fantasy/sci-fi board game: The Great Brain Robbery
  • Best Traditional Card Game: Chrononauts
  • Best Card game expansion/supplement: Brawl Club Foglio
  • Best Trading Card Game: Sailor Moon CCG
  • Best Graphics for Board game: The Hills Rise Wild!
  • Best Graphics for Card game: Brawl Club Foglio
  • Best Graphics for RPGs: D&D3 Monster Manual
  • Best RPG Adventure: Death in Freeport
  • Best RPG Supplement: GURPS Steampunk
  • Best RPG: D&D3

Tomorrow, some of my favorite small-press finds. Oh, and about Bionicle: a couple days before I came out here, I actually saw a big ol’ 4×4 truck with a camper shell driving around Berkeley, that was all painted up with Bionicle promo graphics. Lego is targeting… the college crowd with these things?

Oh, and I sat three rows behind Origins special guest Julie Caitlin Brown on the plane. She was in first class. She has nice shoulders.