This Could Be Your New Religion

So I found this flyer at Origins for something called Morton’s List. The web site loads slower than ass, so I’ll quote you some of the flyer first: “There is no board to play on, unless you consider the Earth beneath your feet to be one. Morton’s List is not a role-playing, card, or computer game, so put all that bulls___ off to the side. […] Play begins when a crew comes together and agrees to let Morton’s List give them a randomly determined Quest to do together for an hour. Anything and everything you could ever think of to do for fun (and MORE) is covered by one of these Quests. Some Quests are chaotic, some social, others physical, spiritual, good, or evil… […] you and your crew could find yourselves wearing costumes while sneaking into a community pool after hours, playing a board game at a strip club, or creating a highly volatile chemical mixture.” The only scary thing here is an apparent connection with the Insane Clown Posse, but this should at least be fun to read. The game should be releasing today.