Cavemen Available Once Again

Wingnut Games wants everyone to know that the second printing of Land of Og is back in stock. So if you couldn’t find it before, try again — it’s worth the effort.

Freeport Enters Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires
As we mentioned a while back, Paradigm Concepts and Green Ronin have come to an agreement that will allow GR’s City of Freeport to be featured in Paradigm’s setting, Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires campaign setting. It was more recently decided that Freeport, which earned GR an Origins Award for Death in Freeport, would be more seamlessly adapted into Arcanis by having William Simoni write the section regarding the archipelago where Freeport is located. Simoni was the author of Madness in Freeport, and as such, is highly qualified for this task. In a press release, Chris Pramas, founder of Green Ronin and creator of Freeport, said “I think this sort of alliance is really what the Open Gaming License is all about. If some of our fans discover Arcanis and some of Paradigm’s fans discover Freeport, everyone wins in the end.” Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires will be decribed in the Codex Arcanis, 192 pages of D20 pleasure scheduled for an August release.

First Look at Bluffside
Thunderhead Games has a preview of the excellent cover art for their impending release of Bluffside: City on the Edge. Apparently, this city is nestled on the edge of a massive crater formed by an asteroid’s impact. So, my question is: how many dice would you roll for that kind of damage? 😉